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We help you sell real estate quickly online with aerial photography, video tours, and more...

Why photos?

Increased Value

Properties with professional photographs are sold for up to $19,000 more as compared to other houses.

More Views

Property listings with professional photos are viewed by 118% more internet users than other properties.

Faster Sales

Listings with professional real estate photos stay on the market an average of 10 days less.

...or video?

Targeted Leads

Our curated videos answer many questions the viewer may have, bringing forth more informed leads.


Packed video content can be easily shared on any social media platform.

24/7 Showings

The property can be showcased to an infinite amount of viewers anytime, anywhere.


Jayme Davis

Central Christian Academy

"Video Midwest was fabulous to work with and captured excellent drone footage of our Central Christian Academy campus. Bradley was extremely professional and very easy to work with. We would highly recommend him and his services." 

Sarah Bryant

William Newton Hospital

"Not only was Video Midwest prompt and professional, but they intuited our vision for the video quite well. This kept our number of revisions to a minimum, which helped a great deal with turnaround time."

Tori Hurt

Stan Johnson

"Video Midwest provided great service at a great price. The turnaround was fast and Bradley was very nice to make any edits we needed!"

Angela Catullo

Levy Retail Group

"I had a great experience working with Video Midwest. They had a super quick turnaround time and delivered high quality photos. Throughout the process, they were fast to respond to emails and took time to fully understand the scope of our project. I would 100% use them again."

Our Services

Camera operator will be available 30 minutes for every $50 spent, and no more than 4 hours.


Professional HDR Photos
15 • $100
30 • $200
50 • $375


Virtual Showing
3 min • $50
5 min • $75
7 min • $100

Virtual Showing w/ Cinematic Clips
3 min • $300
5 min • $500
7 min • $700

Cinematic Film
300+sqft • $75
1000+sqft • $150
2000+sqft • $225
3000+sqft • $300
4000+sqft • $375
5000+sqft • $450


5 • $50
25 • $150

Video Clips
15 • $100

Cinematic film
Standard • $150
Pro • $400

A few of our clients.